About Us

Minimaid is Paper Plates​


private label expert​

Minimaid was founded in Teerijärvi, Finland in 1986 and now we are one of the biggest European producers of paper plates. The factory and office are still located where it all began.

Years of constant development have given us the experience, know-how and flexibility to call ourselves Europe's private label expert in disposable tableware.

In 1986​

The journey begins​

Karl-Gustav Grahn and Christian Fredman bought their frst Peerless P-34 paper plate machine and a year later the first 15 cm (6") paper plates were produced. Thanks to Christian Fredmans old export contacts, plates were soon exported to Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom.


Green values and

Green values are becoming one of the most important factors in the world of diposables. Minimaid has focused on quality and sustainability since the year 2000, when we were among the first small companies in Finland to start working with ISO 9001 quality. We were also a pioneer in Finland by getting the BRC-certificate in 2003.

Bigger is better​

Capacity matters​

We are number one in north Europe, producing over 1 billion plates per year. Our factory is equipped with top of the line machinery and the highly automated production process guarantees reliability and flexibility. Big or small orders, we handle them all with the same efficiency.​

Quality​ paper plates

Made in Finland​

Ostrobothnia, the part of Finland where Minimaid is located, is known for it's creative and driven inhabitants. Big and small companies, many of them family-owned, spend years and years honing their craft, slowly becoming leaders in their own fields, passing their know-how from one generation to the next. Minimaid is no different.

Our modern production facility and know-how in combination with direct access to the best carton on the market have made us one of the leading producers of disposable tableware. Hard work and dedication give birth to success and longevity, there are no short-cuts. For more than 30 years, the name Minimaid has been a guarantee of quality - made in Finland.